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Johnny-Sells is an online seller in Chicago. We sell on eBay, Amazon and Bonanza.

Everybody celebrates Washington & Lincoln on President’s day. I say it’s time we give some love to some of the other guys like Pierce & Fillmore, 2 of our more obscure Presidents. Click their picture to see all the great deals at Johnny-Sells!

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Handbags, handbags, handbags! Have we got handbags? Yes! (Purses too, I’m not sure I know the difference.) Click the photo to see our entire collection of them.



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Women’s shoes of all styles and sizes at Johnny-Sells. We’ve got heels so high, you’d think you were climbing Mt. Everest. We also have comfort shoes, hiking boots, sandals, slides, flip flops, shoes for work, for vacation, for just about any occasion. Click the shoe picture to be amazed at our collection.



Johnny-Sells has a bunch of men’s jackets you might like. Take a look by clicking the photo.

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Ho, Ho, Ho! It’s ALWAYS Christmas time at Johnny-Sells. We can’t get enough of the season of joy! We’ve got ornaments, especially Christopher Radko hand blown glass ornaments, as well as decorations for your tree, your house, everything. Plus, plenty of “Ugly” Christmas sweaters which aren’t really ugly, just a little over the top. Click Santa to see it all.

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