Old Movie Predicted Cubs Would Win It All This Year!

Posted on April 10, 2015

  The 1989 movie “Back to the Future II” predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the 2015 World Series. The movie also predicted hover skateboards. That ain’t gonna happen this year either. But, we’re always hopeful. We live about a mile from Wrigley Field and you can just feel the excitement in the neighborhood on game days. Continue Reading »

Cubs Opening Day 2015

Posted on April 5, 2015

  Went over to Cubs Park to see all the festivities on opening day. Lots of optimism until the game was actually played. The St. Louis Cardinals shut out the Cubs 3-0. One game into the season and they’re already in last place.   New monstrous scoreboard in left field.  

Estate Sale Finds

Posted on March 27, 2015

We go to a lot of Estate Sales. Sometimes there are unusual items that we wouldn’t buy, but are fun to look at.  Here are a few recent winners. Fish wall hanging made of tin cans. Unusual storage drawers, not quite sure what they were for. Estate agent was asking $750 The Beatles sang at Carnegie Continue Reading »

“Man, Those are Some Baaad Basketball Playin’ Shoes!”

Posted on March 23, 2015

“Baaad Basketball Playin’ Shoes!”, I think he meant good shoes for playing basketball. Anyway, that’s the comment I got from a guy who wanted me to play a game of one on one with him way back when. Unfortunately, I’m such a bad basketball player, I once got fouled while double dribbling on a free Continue Reading »

It’s Pi Day! As in 3.14159265359…

Posted on March 14, 2015

It’s Pi day, 3/14. Pi (Greek letter “π”), is what they call a mathematical constant which allows you to compute the circumference of a circle. So, if you have a Hula Hoop that is 1 yard in diameter, the measurement all around the outside of the hoop will be roughly 3.14 yards. The “roughly” is the tricky Continue Reading »