Benjamin’s Sweater

Posted on March 24, 2018

Benjamin wearing the sweater & cap my mother knitted over 30 years ago

This is Benjamin. He’s rehearsing for his audition at the Metropolitan Opera in about 20 years. Actually, he’s mad because he’s not being fed. But don’t worry, shortly after this photo was taken, he was happily reunited with his bottle.

But this story isn’t about Benjamin, even though he’s awfully cute. It’s about what he’s wearing. My late, great mother knitted this sweater for Benjamin’s Uncle Patrick over 30 years ago. Patrick was the first child of Janis, my friend since grade school. Patrick wore this outfit as a wee lad. His little sister Anne wore it when she was just starting out as well.

The clan placed the sweater set among their treasures, bringing it out again for both of Patrick’s kids. Benjamin is Anne’s first (Are you getting all this? Good, because there’s going to be a quiz later)

That makes five descendants of Janis & her husband Kevin that have worn this little yellow sweater. It’s a family tradition. My mom would be thrilled. It’s an honor not only to have the product of her little arthritic fingers live on after she’s gone, but to be worn by such a fine bunch of folks

PS Here’s Benjamin in a better mood

Benjamin in a better mood