Georges Briard Wasn’t Really His Name!

Posted on June 21, 2017

Mid Century Modern style is all the rage right now. Design elements from the 1950s & early 60s are collectively known as Mid Century Modern or MCM. That era was a time of anticipation of a better tomorrow. The cars had fins like jet planes (the 1959 Cadillacs had the highest, pointiest fins and were the epitome of the art form) The furniture was sleek and sparse. And the king of pots & pans design was a guy whose name wasn’t Georges Briard.

Georges Briard – Photo:

He was Jakub Brojdo, a talented artist from Poland who came to Chicago in 1937 at age 20 to study at the Art Institute.  World War II interrupted his studies and he joined the US Army. Conversant in several languages, he eventually became a translator for the famous general, George Patton.  Discharged from the army in 1947, he moved to New York, where started a business with his old art school buddy Max Wille. Jakub used his skills to draw designs on serving trays Wille had a sense for business and realized that they had to have a classy sounding name to successfully promote their product. So, he chose the name Georges Briard out of thin air. Jakub, now Georges, produced a wide variety of designs that all had his signature style. They soon became extremely popular.

After many decades of success, in 2004 Georges Briard was given a lifetime achievement award from the Society of Glass & Ceramic Decorators. He died the next year at age 88. His original designs are still sought after by fans of Mid Century Modern style.

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Georges Briard’s designs are really cool no matter whose name is attached to them.